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Research Interests  [ 細胞接着分子 ]

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  • Gifu University
    Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences  
  • (Yoshida-Noro Chikako)
    Nihon University
    College of Industrial Technology, Department of Applied Molecular Chemistry  
  • Keio University
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery  
  • Osaka University
    Graduate School of Dentistry, Course for Molecular Oral Biology and Dentistry, Division of Oral Biology and Disease Control, Department of Periodontology  
  • Teikyo University
    School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology  
    Professor, Chairman
  • Nagasaki University
    Graduate School of Medicine  
  • Kumamoto University
    Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences(Basic medicine group),Kumamoto University  
  • Gifu University
    Graduate School of Medicine