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Teaching Experience  [ 地理学 ]

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  • Chuo University
    Faculty of Economics  
  • Nara University of Education
    Department of Geography  
    Associate Professor
  • Chukyo University
    School of International Liberal Studies Department of International Liberal Studies  
    Associate Professor
  • Kyoto University of Art and Design
    Art and Design Faculty by Correspondence  
  • Miyagi University of Education
  • Waseda University
    Faculty of Human Sciences  
    Research Associate
  • Ritsumeikan University
    Department of Geography, Area Studies Program, College of Letters  
    Associate Professor
  • National Institutes for the Humanities
    National Museum of Japanese History, Research Department History Division  
  • Tohoku University of Community Service and Science
    School of Community Service and Science, Department of Community Service and Science  
    associate professor
  • Gifu University
    Faculty of Regional Studies