Research Interests  [ self-directed learning ]

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  • Seisa University
    Graduate School of Practitiners in Education  
  • Kanda University of International Studies
    SALC / English Department  
    SALC Director / Professor
  • (Hitomi Kobayashi-Prior)
    Kanda Gaigo Career College/ Kanagawa University Japanese Language and Culture Program
    Part-time Lecturer
  • Doshisha University
    Graduate School of Letters Division of Studies on Cultural Expressions  
    Assistant Professor
  • Kanda University of International Studies
    SALC/Research Institute of Learner Autonomy Education  
    Learning Advisor/Lecturer
  • Keisen University
  • Ryutsu Keizai University
    Center for International Study and Exchange  
    Senior Lecturer
  • Soka University
    Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing, Soka University Faculty of Nursing Department of Nursing  
  • Waseda University
    Graduate School of Human Sciences  
  • Sojo University