Association Memberships  [ The Society for Atomic Collision Research ]

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  • Tohoku University
    Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials Division of Measurements Electron and Molecular Dynamics  
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    Institute of Engineering, Division of Advanced Applied Physics  
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
    Tsukuba Central 2  
    Senior Researcher
  • Nihon University
    College of Science and Technology, Department of Liberal Arts and Science  
    Associate Professor
  • RIKEN(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
    Ion Beam Breeding Team, Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science  
    Senior Research Scientist
  • Kyushu University
    Interdisciplinary Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Energy and Materials Science  
    Associate Professor
  • Kyushu University
    Faculty of Sciences Department of Chemistry  
    Associate Professor
  • Kyoto University
    Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering  
    Research Associate