Research Interests  [ cytochrome P450 ]

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  • Keio University
    Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
  • Yamaguchi University
  • National Institute of Infectious Diseases
    Department of Medical Entomology  
  • Toyama Prefectural University
    Faculty of Engineering  
  • Shizuoka University
    Faculty of Agriculture - Department of Applied Life Sciences  
    Associate Professor
  • University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan
    School of Medicine, Environmental Health  
  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Medicine Public Health  
  • RIKEN(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
    Harima Institute, Laboratories, Biometal Science Laboratory  
    Chief Scientist
  • Teikyo University
    Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Sociology, Division of Chemistry, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences