Research Interests  [ cerebral cortex ]

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  • Gunma University
    Associate Professor
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University
    Physiology and Cell Biology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences  
  • (YAMASHITA Akiko)
    Nihon University
    School of Medicine, Department of Medicine  
    Associate Professor
  • Keio University
    School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics  
    Senior Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)/Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)
  • Kanazawa University
    Institute of Medical,Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine  
  • Prefectural University of Hiroshima
    Faculty of Health and Welfare, University Medical Center  
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Medicine  
    Research Associate
  • National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
    Center for Information and Neural Networks  
    Senior Researcher