Association Memberships  [ The Japan Society for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation ]

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  • Kanazawa University
    Institute of Medical,Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine  
  • Okayama University of Science
    School of Veterinary Medicine  
  • Tohoku University
    University Hospital University Hospital Internal Medicine Hematology and Rheumatology  
  • The University of Tokyo
    The Institute of Medical Science  
    Profect Associate Professor
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University
    Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences - - Department of Hematological Therapeutics  
  • Hokkaido University
    Faculty of Engineering Division of Biotechnology and Macromolecular Chemistry  
  • Shiga University of Medical Science
    University Hospital, Shiga University of Medical Science University Hospital  
    Assistant Professors
  • Nagasaki University
  • Nagoya University
    School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine  
  • Fukuoka University
    Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine