Association Memberships  [ The American Academy of Periodontology ]

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  • Nihon University
    School of Dentistry, Department of Dentistry, -  
  • Nihon University
    School of Dentistry at Matsudo, Department of Dentistry  
    Assistant Professor
  • Osaka University
    Graduate School of Dentistry, Course for Integrated Oral Sciences and Stomatology  
  • The Nippon Dental University
    School of Life Dentistry at Niigata, Department of Periodontology  
  • Tsurumi University
    School of Dental Medicine, Department of Periodontics and Endodontics  
    associate professor
  • Former Institution /Organization Department of Periodontology
  • Health Sciences University of Hokkaido
    School of Dentistry, Department of Dentistry  
    Associate professor
  • Former Institution / Organization Meikai University school of Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry
  • Meikai University
    School of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry