Association Memberships  [ 日本白内障学会 ]

To Gakkai Meikan
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  • Kanazawa Medical University
    School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology  
  • Kanazawa Medical University
    Medical Sciences and Clinical Medicine  
  • Kanazawa Medical University
    Medical Research Institute, Division of Vision Research for Environmental Health  
    Visiting Professor
  • Fujita Health University
    Center for Research Promotion and Support  
  • (Nobby)
    Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
    Nuclear Technology Research Laboratory, Radiation Safety Research Center  
    Research Scientist
  • Tottori University
    Graduate School of Engineering Chemistry and Biotechnology Biotechnology  
  • Former Institution / Organization University of Fukui Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Kyoto University
    Research Reactor Institute Division of Radiation Life Science  
  • Former Institution / Organization International University of Health and Welfare School of Health Sciences Department of Orthoptics and Visual Science