Research Interests  [ 健康増進 ]

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  • Keio University
    Research Centers and Institutes Sports Medicine Research Center  
    Associate Professor
  • University of Occupational and Environmental Health,Japan
    Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, Department of Health Development  
  • Keio University
    School of Medicine Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health  
  • Hokkaido Chitose College of Rehabilitation
  • Osaka City University
    Research Center for Urban Health and Sports  
    Associate Professor
  • Kio University
    Faculty of Health Science  
    Assistant Professor
  • Aomori University of Health and Welfare
    Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physical Therapy  
  • Fukuoka Women's University
    International College of Arts and Sciences Department of Food and Health Sciences  
    Research Associate
  • Nihon University
    College of Science and Technology, Department of Town Planning and Design  
    Project Professor
  • Osaka Medical College
    Graduate School of Medicine