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Association Memberships  [ 全日本音楽教育研究会 大学部会 ]

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  • (osano kei)
    Tamagawa University
    College of Arts, Department of Performing Arts  
  • Kinjo Gakuin University
    Institute for the Study of Cristian Culture  
  • University of Teacher Education Fukuoka
    Faculty of Education, Music Education  
  • Tokyo University of Social Welfare
    School of Social Welfare, Department of Child Care and Early Childhood Education  
  • Former Institution / Organization Social Welfare Department of Shukutoku Junior College
  • Seitoku University
    Faculty of Music  
  • Sonoda Women's College
    Department of Pre-School Education Studies  
  • Yokohama Women's Junior College
    Assorciate Professor
  • Kobe Women's Junior College
    Childhood Education