Research Interests  [ membrane traffic ]

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  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Life Sciences Department of Developmental Biology and Neurosciences Division of Developmental Biology Laboratory of Membrane Trafficking Mechanisms  
  • Osaka University
    Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences Department of Frontier Biosciences  
  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Life Sciences, Department of Developmental Biology and Neurosciences, Division of Developmental Biology,Laboratory of Membrane Trafficking Mechanisms  
    Professor,Fukuda Initiative Research Unit, RIKEN
  • Kumamoto University
    International Research Organization for Advanced Science and Technology  
  • Nara Women's University
    Faculty Division of Natural Sciences  
    Professor,Principal, Attached Secondary School
  • Nagasaki University
    Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences  
    Assistant Professor
  • Gunma University
    Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology  
    Associate Professor
  • RIKEN(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
    Special Postdoctoral Reseracher