Association Memberships  [ European Geosciences Union ]

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  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
    School of Materials and Chemical Technology  
  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Science Research Center for Prediction of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Physical Volcanology Laboratory  
  • Kyoto University
    Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanoshere Division of Diagnostics and Control of the Humanosphere  
  • The University of Electro-Communications
    Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, School of Informatics and Engineering, "Department of Computer and Network Engineering, Cluster II (Emerging Multi-interdisciplinary Engineering)"  
    Assistant Professor
  • National Institute of Polar Research
  • Tohoku University
    Institute for Excellence in Higher Education Division of Developmental Research in Education Programs Section of Natural Science  
  • Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
    RIHN Center  
    Associate Professor
  • Meteorological Research Institute
    Physical Meteorology Research Department  
    Senior Researcher
  • Nagoya University
    Graduate School of Environmental Studies Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences  
  • Hokkaido University
    Graduate School of Agriculture Research Faculty of Agriculture Division of Bioresources and Product Science  
    Assistant Professor