Research Interests  [ Postmodernism ]

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  • Kinki Health Welfare University
    School of Social Welfare Department of Welfare and Health Management  
  • Rissho University
    Faculty of Law, Department of Law  
  • Mukogawa Women's University
    School of Letters, Department of English  
    Associate Professor (専任准教授)
  • Sugiyama Jogakuen University
    School of Cross-Cultural Studies, Department of Classical and Contemporary Cultures  
    Associate Professor
  • Fukui Prefectural University
    Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences Department of Social Welfare Science  
    Associate professor
  • Former Institution / Organization Kanagawa Dental College School of Dentistry
  • Suzuka National College of Technology
    Depertment of General Education  
  • Otsuma Women's University
    Faculty of Language and Literature, Department of English Literature