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JapaneseStatistical Analysis
definition統計(とうけい、statistic)は、現象を調査することによって数量で把握すること、または、調査によって得られた数量データのことである。統計解析(とうけいかいせき、statistical analysis)はそれらを解析することである。

  • Nagoya University
    Graduate School of Engineering Electrical Engineering 2  
    Assistant Professor
  • Toyo University
    Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts  
  • Kumamoto University
    Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies, Net Communication  
    Associate Professor
  • Nara Institute of Science and Technology
    Graduate School of Biological Sciences  
    Associate Professor
  • University of Yamanashi
    Department of Research Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, Basic Science for Clinical Medicine  
  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Engineering Department of Electronic Engineering Electronic Control Systems  
    Assistant Professor
  • Wakayama National College of Technology
    Department of Civil Engineering  
  • Takasaki University of Health and Welfare
    Faculty of Agriculture Department of Applied Biological Science  
  • National Institute of Population and Social Security Research
    Department of Research Planning and Coordination  
    Senior Researcher
  • J. F. Oberlin University
    College of Performing and Visual Arts