Research Interests  [ genome editing ]

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  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, NARO, Division of Biotechnology, Transgenic Silkworm Research Unit  
  • National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center,Research Institute
    Professor, Chair
  • Hokkaido University
    Faculty of Fisheries Sciences, Division of Marine Life Science  
    Assistant Proffessor
  • Gakushuin University
    Faculty of Science Department of Life Science  
  • Hiroshima University
  • National Institute of Infectious Diseases
    Department of Bioactive Molecules  
    Senior Research Scientist
  • Tokai University
    School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine  
  • Teikyo University
    Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Neurology  
    Associate Professor
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries, Laboratory for aquatic biology  
    Associate Professor
    Unit leader