Research Interests  [ Near-infrared spectroscopy ]

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  • International University of Health and Welfare
    School of Medicine  
    Chiba University
  • The University of Electro-Communications
    Center For Neuroscience And Biomedical Engineering  
    Visiting Professor
  • Osaka Electro-Communication University
    Faculty of Engineering  
  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Food Research Institute,NARO, Division of Analytical Science, Nondestructive Evaluation Unit  
    Senior Researcher
  • Ehime University
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering Chemistry and Biology  
  • Nihon University
    College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
  • The University of Tokyo
    Graduate School of Arts and Sciences  
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Science  
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Medicine  
  • Former Institution / Organization Hokusho University School of Human Services Department of Human Care Studies