Research Interests  [ embryogenesis ]

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  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Life Sciences Department of Developmental Biology and Neurosciences Division of Developmental Biology Laboratory of Developmental Dynamics  
  • Kanazawa Medical University
    School of Medicine, Department of Molecular and Cell Structural Science (Anatomy Ⅰ)  
    Senior Assistant Professor
  • Tokyo Medical University
  • Keio University
    School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Obstetrics)  
  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Embryo Production Research Unit, Division of Animal Breeding and Reproduction Research  
    Unit Leader
  • Yokohama City University
    School of Science, Graduate School of Nanobioscience Department of Life and Environmental System Science  
  • Professor Emeritus (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Institute of Agrobiological Sciences,NARO  
    Principal Scientist
  • Yamaguchi University
    Graduate School of Medicine  
    Assistant professor
  • Ehime University
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Biology, Graduate School of Science and Engineering Chemistry and Biology  
    Assistant Professor