Research Interests  [ Kuroshio ]

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  • The University of Tokyo
    Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute  
  • Ehime University
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering Engineering for Production and Environment  
    Chief Researcher
  • Kochi University
    Research and Education Faculty Natural Science Cluster,Science and Techology Unit  
  • Kagoshima University
    Faculty of Fisheries  
  • Tokai University
    Liberal Arts Education Senter ,Shimizu Campus  
  • Mie University
    Weather and Climate Dynamics Division  
    Graduate Student
  • Fisheries Research Agency
    Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute, Physical Ocenography Section, Japan Sea Fisheries Oceanography Division  
    Associate Researcher
  • Fisheries Research Agency
    associate researcher
  • Former Institution / Organization Kagoshima University Faculty of Engineering Department of Ocean Civil Engineering