Research Interests  [ Fisheries ]

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  • Yokohama National University
    College of Education, Department of School Education  
  • IC Net Limited
    ODA Division  
    Senior Consultant
  • National Institute of Polar Research
    Arctic Environment Reseach Center  
    Project Researcher
  • Fisheries Research Agency
    National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries  
    Research Coordinator for Ocean and Resources
  • Former Institution / Organization Tokyo University of Agriculture Faculty of International Agriculture and Food Studies Department of International Agricultural Development
  • Nagasaki University
    Faculty of Fisheries, Training Ship Kakuyo-Maru  
    Associate Professor
  • Tonoku Natl Fish Res Inst
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries  
  • Utsunomiya University
    Faculty of Education, Science Education  
  • Fisheries Research Agency
    Research Management Departmet (SEAFDEC/MFRDMD)  
    Deputy Chief of SEAFDEC/MFRDMD