Research Interests  [ object recognition ]

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  • Osaka University
    The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research  
    Associate Professor
  • Seikei University
    Faculty of Science and Technology Department of Systems Design Engineering  
  • National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College
    Department of Control Engineering  
  • Ritsumeikan University
    College of Information Science and Engineering  
    Assistant Professor
  • Meijo University
    Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
    Assistant Professor
  • International College of Technology,Kanazawa
    International College of Technology, Kanazawa Department of Global Information and Management  
  • Doshisha University
    Faculty of Culture and Information Science Department of Culture and Information Science  
  • Niigata University
    Faculty of Humanities  
  • Gakushuin University
    Faculty of Letters, Department of Psychology  
  • The University of Tokyo
    Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies