Research Interests  [ Nitrogen cycle ]

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  • Nagoya University
    Graduate School of Environmental Studies Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Global Geochemistry  
  • University of Yamanashi
    Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Environmental Science (Environmental Sciences)  
    Associate Professor
  • Waseda University
    Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences  
  • Chuo University
    Faculty of Science and Engineering  
    Research Associate
  • Waseda University
    Junior Researcher
  • Akita Prefectural University
    Faculty of Bioresource Sciences  
  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Carbon and Nutrient Nexus Unit, Division of Biogeochemical Cycle, Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences  
    Senior Researcher
  • Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute
  • Former Institution / Organization Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute
    Associate Director

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