Research Interests  [ Environmental control ]

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  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization,National Food Research Institute
    Head of Distribution Engineering Laboranoty
  • Nihon University
    College of Bioresource Sciences, Department of Bioenvironmental and Agricultural Engineering  
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    Organization for Promotion of Tenure-track System  
    Associate Professor
  • Ehime University
    Institution for Collaborative Relations Center  
  • Kyoto University
  • University of Miyazaki
    Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences  
    Assistant Professor
  • Ehime University
    Faculty of Agriculture Department of Bioresources  
  • (Hideto Kurosaki)
    National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Western Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO, Division of Hillside Horticulture Research, Horticulture Environmental Engineering Group  
    Senior Researcher
  • Kyushu University
    Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering  
    Associate Professor
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    Aerospace Research and Development Directorate, Chofu Aerospace Center  
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