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  • Kyoto University
    Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science  
  • Ehime University
    Graduate School of Agriculture Department of Science and Technology for Biological Resources and Environment  
    Associate Professor
  • National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
    Senior Researcher
  • The University of Tokyo
    Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Multi-Disciplinary Sciences,General Systems Sciences, Unit of Graphic and Computer Sciences  
  • Osaka City University
    Graduate School of Human Life Science, Human Life Science Course  
  • Kyushu University
    Radioisotope center  
  • Prefectural University of Kumamoto
    Faculty of Environmental & Symbiotic Science  
    Associate Professor
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University
    Graduate School of Engineering, School of Architecture  
  • Tsukuba University of Technology
    Faculty of Industrial Technology, Department of Synthetic Design  
    Reseach Associate

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