Research Interests  [ Regeneration medicine ]

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  • Kyoto University
    Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Field of Clinical Application,Department of Bioartificial Organs  
  • National Institute of Infectious Diseases
  • Jichi Medical University
    School of Medicine  
  • Nagasaki University
  • Yamaguchi University
    Graduate School, of Medicine Applied Medical Engineering Science(Medicine), , ,Graduate School of Medicine(Medicine),YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY  
    Associate Professor
  • Hiroshima University
  • Hokkaido University
    Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education  
  • National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Research Institute
    Department of Pediatric Cardiology  
    Director and Chairman
  • Former Institution / Organization Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Graduate School of Medical Science
    Research Associate