Research Interests  [ Sparse Modeling ]

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  • Josai University
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical  
  • Niigata University
    Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
    Associate Professor
  • The University of Kitakyushu
    Institute of Environmental Science and Technology  
  • The University of Electro-Communications
    Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, School of Informatics and Engineering, "Department of Informatics, Cluster I (Informatics and Computer Engineering)"  
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
    NTT Network Innovation Laboratories  
  • Tokyo University of Science
    Faculty of Science and Technology Information Science  
    Assistant Professor
    RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center  
  • Okayama University
    The Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science  
    Associate Professor
  • Nagasaki University
    Graduate School of Engineering  
    Associate Professor