Research Interests  [ Supercritical Fluids ]

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  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Information Sciences Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences Applied Mathematical Science Mathematical Modeling and Computation  
  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Environmental Studies Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment Sustainable Recycle Process Environmental Green Process Study  
  • Nagoya University
    Department of Materials Process Engineering  
    Assistant Professor
  • Sophia University
    Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Materials and Life Sciences  
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • Meijo University
    Faculty of Science and Technology  
  • Hiroshima University
    Department of Chemical Engineering  
    Assistant Professor
  • Tohoku University
  • Industrial Technology Institute, Miyagi Prefectural Government
    Department of Material Design and Analysis, Functional Materials Group  
  • Former Institution /Organization Laboratory of Environmental Science for Industry