Research Interests  [ Mobile Network ]

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  • The University of Tokushima
    Graduate School of Information Science and TechnologyDepartment of Information Networking  
    Assistant Professor
  • Nagoya University
    Information Technology Center Advanced Networking Division  
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University
    Graduate School of InformaticsDepartment of Communications and Computer Engineering  
  • Shizuoka University
    Faculty of Engineering - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
  • National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
    International Research Advancement Office, Global Alliance Department  
  • Nagaoka University of Technology
    Assistant Professor
  • Osaka University
    Cybermedia Center  
  • Meijo University
    Faculty of Science and Technology  
  • Hokkaido University
    Research Assistant Professor
  • Kindai University
    Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering Department of Information and Computer Sciences  

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