Research Interests  [ Pedagogy ]

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  • Toyo University
    Toyo University - UCLA Extension Center for Global Education  
    Principle Instructor
  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
    College of Asia Pacific Studies  
    Professor,Academic Field Leader for Culture, Media and Society
  • Gifu University
    Information and Multimedia Center  
    Associate Professor
  • Tokyo Future University
  • Nagoya Keizai University
    Faculty of Human Life and Sciences Department of Educare  
    associate professor
  • Hokkaido University
    Faculty of Education, Division of Education  
  • Joetsu University of Education
    Graduate School of Education  
  • Meisei University
    Department of Education, School of Education  
  • Japan Women's University
    Faculty of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Education  
  • Shoin University