Research Interests  [ Pathological Examination ]

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  • Kyoto University
    Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine Medicine  
  • Nippon Medical School
    Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine  
  • Dokkyo Medical University
    School of Medicine, Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine  
    Associate Professor
  • Kyoto University
    Hospital, Central Clinical Laboratory, Clinical Laboratory Medicine  
    Assistant Professor
  • Okayama University
    Graduate School of Medicine , Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science of Functional Recovery and Reconstruction  
  • Osaka University
    Hospital, Diagnostic Medicine  
  • University of the Ryukyus Tropical Biosphere Research Center
  • Teikyo University
    Chiba Medical Center, Laboratory for Collaborative Research  
  • Former Institution /Organization Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Laboratory of Hematoimmuinology