Research Interests  [ Computer Software ]

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  • Former Institution / Organization Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  • Preferred.Networks, Inc.
    PFN Fellow
  • Shobi University
    Graduate School of Shobi University, School of Informatica for Arts Studies, Information Expression Studies  
  • Miyagi University
    School of Project Design, Department of Space Design and Information Technology, Information System Course  
  • Josai University
    Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics  
  • Aichi Institute of Technology
    Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics  
  • Kumamoto National College of Technology
    Faculty of Liberal Studies  
    Associate Professor
  • Kanazawa Institute of Technology
    Kanazawa Institute of Technology Applied Electronics Laboratory  
  • Future University Hakodate
    School of Systems Information Science, Department of Media Architecture  
  • Former Institution / Organization Hamamatsu Gakuin University Faculty of Modern Communication Studies