Research Interests  [ cardiovascular Physiology ]

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  • Kanazawa Medical University
    School of Medicine, Department of Physiology Ⅱ  
  • Shiga University of Medical Science
    Undergraduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine  
  • Gifu University
    Graduate School of Medicine  
  • Wakayama Medical University
    Faculty of Medicine, Medical Course, Department of Physiology  
  • Sapporo Medical University
    School of Medicine, Dept. of Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Medicine  
    Professor and Chair
  • Osaka Medical College
    Associate Professor
  • Jichi Medical University
    Health Care Center  
    Director and Associate Professor
  • Jikei University
    Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine  
    Assistant Professor
  • Nara Medical University
    Medical Faculty, Medical Department  
  • Toho University