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  • Doshisha University
    Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Information Systems Design  
  • Nihon University
    College of Science and Technology, Department of Computer Engineering  
    Associate Professor
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, 高性能計算先端応用分野  
    Associate Professor
  • Mie University
    Graduate School of Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Archtecture Laboratory  
  • Sendai National College of Technology
    Advanced Course of Information and Electronic System Engineering  
  • National Institute of Technology,Kochi College
    Department of Social Design Engineering  
    Designated Assistant Professor
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University
    Faculty of Systems Design  
    Assistant Professor
  • National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College
    Division of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Department of Engineering for Future Innovation  
    Associate Professor
  • Shohoku College
    Department of Informatics and Media Technology  
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
    Center for Computational Science & e-Systems