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  • Tohoku University
    Associate Professor
  • Tohoku University
    Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Department of Human Sciences, Behavioral Science,Behavioral Science  
  • Kanagawa University of Human Services
    Department of Human Survice  
    Assistant Professor
  • (片岡 えみ)
    Komazawa University
    Faculty of Letters, Department of Sociology Sociology Program  
  • Osaka City University
    Graduate School for Creative Cities Urban Policy Course(Urban Co-existing Society Study Field)  
    Assistant Professor
  • Sophia University
    Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Master's (Doctoral) Program in Global Environmental Studies  
  • Fukuoka University
    Faculty of Humanities, Department of Culture  
  • Saitama Prefectural University
    School of Health and Social Services Department of Social Work  
    Associate Professor
  • Otsuma Women's University
    School of Social Information Studies Department of Social Information Studies  
  • Princeton University
    Department of Sociology  
    Ph.D student