Research Interests  [ Children's Literature ]

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  • Kobe University
    Graduate School of Human Development and Environment Department of Human Development  
    Associate Professor
  • Showa Women's University
    Faculty of International Humanities, Department of English Language and Communication  
  • Kansai University of Welfare Sciences
    Faculty of Human Life and SciencesDepartment of Educare  
  • Tokyo City University
    Faculty of Human Life SciencesDepartment of Child Studies  
  • University of the Sacred Heart
    Faculty of Liberal Arts, Departmaent of English Language and Literature  
  • Kanazawa University
    Foreign Language Institute  
  • Osaka Ohtani College
    Department of Life and Creative Science  
  • Former Institution / Organization Hokusei Gakuen University School of Social Welfare General Education Program
  • Sophia University
    Faculty of Humanities, Department of English Literature  
  • Akikusa Gakuen Junior College
    Japanese culture expression course