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Research Interests  [ Commerce ]

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  • Atomi University
    Faculty of Tourism and Community Studies  
    Associate Professor
  • Senshu University
    School of Commerce  
  • Kyoto Sangyo University
    Faculty of Cultural Studies, Department of Intercultural Studies, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Department of Intercultural Studies  
  • Kobe University
    Graduate School of Business Administration Division of Business Administration  
  • University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
    Faculty of Information Science, Department of Information and Economics  
  • Tohoku Gakuin University
    Faculty of Liberal Arts  
  • (TAKEUCHI Mahito)
    Nihon University
    College of Commerce, Department of Commerce  
    Associate Professor
  • Shokei University
    Part-time Lecturer
  • Chuo University
    Faculty of Commerce  
    Associate Professor