Research Interests  [ peace studies ]

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  • International Christian University
    College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences  
    Tokunin Kyoju (Professor by Special Appointment)
  • Kanazawa Medical University
    Department of Human Science (Humanities)  
  • Kobe University
    Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies Department of International Cooperation Policy Studies  
  • Kobe University
    Graduate School of Humanities Division of Human Cultural Studies  
  • Soka University
    Faculty of Law, Department of Law, Soka University Faculty of Law Department of Law  
    Associate Professor
  • Ritsumeikan University
    College of International Relations American University-Ritsumeikan University Joint Degree Program  
  • Kyoto University
    Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies  
    Emeritus Professor
  • Osaka Jogakuin College
    Department of International and English Interdisciplinary Studies  
    Associate Professor
  • Setsunan University
    Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of Foreign Studies