Tomomi Inoue

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Mar 2006
Poster prize, EAFES International Congress
Mar 2017
Hot Article Award, Analytical Science

Published Papers

Mangrove–diazotroph relation on root, tree and forest scales–Mangrove plants create high soil nitrogenase activity with unique diazotrophic communities.
Inoue T, Shimono A, Akaji Y, Baba S, Takenaka A, Chan HT
Annals of Botany      2019   [Refereed]
Tracking the route of atmospheric nitrogen to diazotrophs colonizing buried mangrove roots.
Inoue T, Khozu A, Shimono A
Tree Physiology      2019   [Refereed]
Photosynthesis, respiration, and growth patterns of Rhizophora stylosa seedlings in relation to growth temperature.
Akaji Y, Inoue T, Tomimatsu H, Kawanishi A
Trees   33(4) 1041-1049   2019   [Refereed]
Holocene sea-level change and evolution of a mixed coral reef and mangrove system at Iriomote Island, southwest Japan.
Yamano H, Inoue T, Adachi H, Tsukaya K, Adachi R, Baba S
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science   220 166-175   2019   [Refereed]
Evaluation of plant contamination in metabarcoding diet analysis of a herbivore.
Ando, H., Fujii, C., Kawanabe, M., Ao, Y., Inoue, T., Takenaka, A.
Scientific Reports   8 15563   2018   [Refereed]
Caesalpinia crista: A coastal woody climber with promising therapeutic values.
Chan E. W. C., Tangah J., Baba S., Chan H. T., Kainuma M., Inoue T.
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science   8(3) 133-140   2018   [Refereed]
Revisiting late Holocene sea-level change from the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati, west-central Pacific Ocean.
Yamano, H., Kayanne, H., Yamaguchi, T., Inoue, T., Mochida, Y., and Baba, S.
Quaternary Research   88(3) 400-408   2017   [Refereed]
Botany, Uses, Chemistry and Pharmacology of Ficus microcarpa: A Short Review.
Chan E.W.C., Tangah J., Inoue T., Kainuma M., Baba K., Oshiro N., Kezuka M., Kimura N.
Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy   8(1) 103-111   2017   [Refereed]
Real-time in-situ Simultaneous Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen and Materials Movements at a Vicinity of Micrometers from an Aquatic Plant by Combining Deflection of a Probe Beam and Fluorescence Quenching.
WU X Z., WU X., Inoue T.
Analytical Sciences   33 351-355   2017   [Refereed]
Ulam herbs: A review on the medicinal properties of Anacardium occidentale and Barringtonia racemose.
Chan E. W. C., Baba S., Chan H. T., Kainuma M., Inoue T., Wong S. K.
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science   7(2) 241-247   2017   [Refereed]
Garcinia subelliptica (Fukugi): A Multi-purpose Coastal Tree with Promising Medicinal Properties.
Inoue T., Kainuma M., Baba K., Oshiro N., Kimura N., Chan E. W. C.
Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology   6(1) 121-127   2017   [Refereed]
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants V: Acrostichum aureum and A. speciosum.
Kimura N., Kainuma M., Inoue T., Chan E.W.C., Tangah J., Baba K., Oshiro N., Okamoto C.
ISME/GLOMIS   15(1) 1-6   2017   [Refereed]
Artocarpus altilis and Pandanus tectorius: Two important fruits of Oceania with medicinal values.
Baba S., Chan H.T., Kezuka M., Inoue T., Chan E.W.C
Journal of Food and Agriculture   28(8) 531-539   2016   [Refereed]
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants IV: Avicennia marina.
Baba S., Chan H.T., Oshiro N., Maxwell G. S., Inoue T., Chan E. W. C.
ISME/GLOMIS   14 5-10   2016   [Refereed]
Botany, uses, chemistry and bioactivities of mangrove plants I: Rhizophora stylosa.
Kainuma M., Kezuka M., Inoue T., Chan E. W. C., Tangah J., Baba S., Chan H.T.
ISME/GLOMIS   13 12-17   2015   [Refereed]
An integrated approach to tropical and subtropical island conservation.
Yamano H., Satake K., Inoue T., Kadoya T., Hayashi S., Kinjo K., Nakajima D., Oguma H., Ishiguro S., Okagawa A., Suga S., Horie T., Nohara K., Fukayama N., Hibiki A.
J. Ecol. Env.   38 271-279   2015   [Refereed]
Comparative studies on effects of acid solutions on aquatic plants by beam deflection and absorbance spectroscopy methods.
Wu X-Z., Nie L., Inoue T.
Anal. Sci.   31 837-840   2015   [Refereed]
Spatio-temporal pattern of specific gravity of mangrove diaspore: implications for upstream dispersal.
Kadoya T., Inoue T.
Ecography   37 1-8   2014   [Refereed]
Characteristics of water quality and nitrogen-associated bacterial functions in Mekong delta mangroves.
Inoue T., Asano T.
Global Env. Res.   17 199-206   2013   [Refereed]
Effect of acid rain on a plant studied by optical beam deflection method.
Nie L., Kubota M., Inoue T., Wu X-Z.
J. Env. Sci.   25 93-96   2013   [Refereed]
Butterflies and mangrove branches.
Baba S., Inoue T., Kadoya T., Fukuda K.
ISME/GLOMIS   10 13-15   2012   [Refereed]
What happens to soil chemical properties when mangrove plants colonize?
Inoue T.,Matsumoto K.,Nohara S.,Anzai Y.
Plant and Soil   346 259-273   2011   [Refereed]
Contrast of nitrogen around roots of mangrove plants.
Inoue T., Nohara S.,Takagi H.,Anzai Y.
339 471-483   2011   [Refereed]
A key to a highly productive mangrove ecosystem-Characteristics of water quality and bacterial functions in Can Gio mangrove forest, Vietnam.
Inoue T.,Asano T.,Anzai Y.,Nohara S.
Proceedings of the National Workshop, Restoration and management of mangrove ecosystems in the context of climate change   97-103   2010   [Refereed]
Depth distribution of three Typha species, Typha orientalis Presl, Typha angustifolia L. and Typha latifolia L., in an artificial pond.
Inoue T.,Tsuchiya T.
Plant Species Biol.   24 47-52   2009   [Refereed]
Optical sensing of materials movements occurring at a plant surface with a probe beam.
Wu X-Z.,Nakaoka T.,Inoue T.,Inoue H.
Sensors and ActuatorsA: Physical,   155 241-245   2009   [Refereed]
Impacts of anthropogenic structural changes to the Mekong River watershed on seasonal hydrologic dynamics in the watershed an floodplain.
Kameyama S.,Sakawa T.,Sato T.,Shimazaki H.,Nohara S.,Inoue T.
Verh.Internat.Verein. Limnol.   30(5) 794-800   2009   [Refereed]
Interspecific differences in radial oxygen loss from the roots of three Typha species.
Inoue Matsui T.,Tsuchiya T.
Limnoligy   9 207-211   2008   [Refereed]
Growth strategy of an emergent macrophyte, Typha orientalis Presl, in comparison with Typha latifolia L. and Typha angustifolia L.
Inoue Matsui T.,Tsuchiya T.
Limnology   7 171-174   2006   [Refereed]
Root aerobic respiration and growth characteristics of three Typha species in response to hypoxia.
Matsui T.,Tsuchiya T.
Ecological Research   21 470-475   2006   [Refereed]
A method to estimate practical radial oxygen loss of wetland plant roots.
Matsui T.,Tsuchiya T.
Plant and Soil   279 119-128   2006   [Refereed]


WU Xing‐Zheng, NIE Liangjiao, 井上智美
福岡工業大学エレクトロニクス研究所所報   31 35-37   Oct 2014
生物の科学 遺伝   63(4) 8-15   Jul 2009

Books etc

Blue carbon in Shallow Coastal Ecosystems: Carbon Dynamics, Policy, and Implementation
Tomomi Inoue (Part:Contributor, Carbon Sequestration in Mangroves)
Springer   2018