Toshio Irino

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Toshio Irino

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Apr 2010
Fellow, The Acoutical Society of America

Published Papers

Takashi Morimoto, Yoh-ichi Fujisaka, Yasuhide Okamoto, Toshio Irino,
Hear. Res   377 104-108   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Katsuhiko Yamamoto, Toshio Irino, Toshie Matsui, Shoko Araki, Keisuke Kinoshita, Tomohiro Nakatani,
Acoust. Sci. & Tech   40(2) 84-92   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Takashi Morimoto, Toshio Irino, Kouta Harada, Takeshi Nakaichi, Yasuhide Okamoto, Ayako Kanno, Sho Kanzaki, and Kaoru Ogawa
Ear and hearing   40(1) 55-62   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Speech intelligibility prediction using a multi-resolution gammachirp envelope distortion index with common parameters for different noise conditions,
Katsuhiko Yamamoto, Toshio Irino, Shoko Araki, Keisuke Kinoshita, and Tomohiro Nakatani,
Seminar on brain, hearing and speech sciences for universal speech communication      Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan, 25 - 26 Oct 2018, (発表:25 Oct 2018)
Nicolas Grimault, Toshio Irino, Samar Dimachki, Alexandra Corneyllie, Roy D. Patterson, Samuel Garcia
Acta Acustica united with Acustica   104(5) 904-908   Oct 2018   [Refereed]

Books etc

人工知能学会編 (Part:Joint Work)
Jul 2017   ISBN:978-4-320-12420-2
Perspectives on Auditory Research
A. N. Popper and R. R. Fay (Eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Roy D. Patterson and Toshio Irino, "Size Matters in Hearing: How the Auditory System Normalizes the Sounds of Speech and Music for Source Size,")
Springer   2014   ISBN:978-1-4614-9101-9
Springer Handbook of Auditory Research Vol. 50
Neurophysiological Bases of Auditory Perception
Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda, Alan R. Palmer, and Ray Meddis (Eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Toshio Irino, Yoshie Aoki, Hideki Kawahara, and Roy D. Patterson, "Size Perception for acoustically scaled sounds of naturally pronounced and whispered words,")
Springer, LaVergne, TN USA   Apr 2010   ISBN:978-1-4419-5685-9
Computer Processing of Asian Spoken Languages
Shuichi Itahashi and Chiu-yu Tseng (Eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Hideki Kawahara, Masanori Morise, Toru Takahashi, Ryuich Nishimura, Hideki Banno, Toshio Irino, "STRAIGHT, a framework for speech analysis, modification and synthesis,")
Consideration Books, Los Angeles, USA   Mar 2010   ISBN:978-0-935047-72-1
広中平祐 他 編 (Part:Joint Work, 入野俊夫, 河原英紀, "聴覚認知過程の数理,")
丸善, 東京   Dec 2009   ISBN:978-4-621-08125-9


特許米国特許, 8781819 : Periodic signal processing method, periodic signal conversion method, periodic signal processing device, and periodic signal analysis method,
河原英紀, 森勢将雅, 高橋徹, 入野俊夫
特許US Patent, No. 7085721 : Method and apparatus for fundamental frequency extraction or detection in speech,
(Filling date 5 Jul 2000). (ATR)
特許European Patent (EP), No. 1113415 : Method of extracting sound source information
18 Jan 2001 Gazette 2001/13
特許US Patent, No. 6,765,140 B1 : Mellin-transform information extractor for vibration sources
Toshio Irino and Roy D. Patterson
filed in Japan 28 Jan. 1999
特願2017-151370 : 音声明瞭度計算方法、音声明瞭度計算装置及び音声明瞭度計算プログラム
荒木 章子, 木下慶介, 中谷智広, 山本克彦, 入野俊夫, 松井淑恵,
外国特許出願 PCT/JP2018/029317 (2018/9/5)

Research Grants & Projects

Temporal processing in the auditory system from cochlea to cortex,
Medical Research Counsel: Coop Grant (G9900369)
Project Year: 2004 - 2009    Investigator(s): Roy D. Patterson
Two exchange visits to collaborate on research into experimental and theoretical approaches to the perception of source size in speech and music, September and December 2006
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation: Small Grant
Project Year: 2006       Investigator(s): Toshio Irino

Conference Activities & Talks

長谷川純, 吐師道子,松井淑恵,入野俊夫,
第20回 日本言語聴覚学会   28 Jun 2019   日本言語聴覚学会
1-P03-4,28-29 Jun 2019
Hearing impairment simulator: its background and applications,
Toshio Irino
2019 The 2nd Japan-Taiwan Symposium Psychological and Physiological Acoustics — Inclusive Sound Design   17 May 2019
長谷川純, 吐師道子,松井淑恵,入野俊夫,
第45回日本コミュニケーション障害学会   12 May 2019
横田健治, 入野俊夫 , 松浦弘樹, Roy D. Patterson,
日本音響学会:春季研究発表会講演論文集,3-P-40,   5 Mar 2019   電気通信大学
上村怜央, 入野俊夫 , Roy D. Patterson,
日本音響学会:春季研究発表会講演論文集,3-P-24   5 Mar 2019   電気通信大学


Katsuhiko Yamamoto, Toshio Irino, Shoko Araki, Keisuke Kinoshita, Tomohiro Nakatani
arXiv   1904.02096    Apr 2019
畑山春菜, 長谷川純, 吐師道子, 松井淑恵, 入野俊夫
人間と科学   18(1) 19‐26-26   Mar 2018
"難聴のある高齢者に話しかける際に,聞き取りを助ける方法の1つとして,文節の間をあけて話すことが推奨されている。こうした文節休止が文の聴取に与える効果について,模擬難聴システムを用いて高齢者の聴力をシミュレーションし,若年健聴者を対象に聴取実験を行なって検討した。その結果,文節休止0.6 秒,文節休止0.1秒,文節休止なしの順に文聴取の正答率が高く,文節休止は聞き取りの向上につながると考えられた。また,ごく短い0.1 秒の休止でも,一定の効果があることが示唆された。"When speaki...
The dynamic, compressive GammaChirp filterbank (dcGC) and its applications,
Toshio Irino and Roy Patterson,
Workshop on "Machine Hearing in the Internet Age: Auditory models in MIR, SIR and AIS," Google, Mountain View,      Nov 2010
CA, USA, 19 Nov., 2010
IRINO Toshio
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan   66(10) 506-512   Oct 2010
Demonstration of a C-implementation of the dynamic compressive gammachirp for machine hearing,
Toshio Irino Toru Takahashi, and Hideki Kawahara,
Auditory Features Workshop, Equipe Audition, DEC, Ecole normale supérieure, France,      Jun 2010
1 & 3 Jun., 2010 (発表日 1 Jun)