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International Christian University
College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences
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Associate Professor (New rank system)
Ph.D. in information science and technology(The University of Tokyo), M.S.(Tohoku University), B.S.(Tohoku University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1995
Aug 2018
Apr 2017
Sep 2018
Osaka University Guest Professor
Sep 2018
College of Liberal Arts College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor (New rank system)


Apr 1993
Mar 1995
Mathematical Institute, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tohoku University
Apr 1989
Mar 1993
Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University

Committee Memberships

Jun 2018
JSSST  Director
Nov 2017
Apr 2018
The Third IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Analytics for Network and Service Management (AnNet 2018)  Technical Program Committee

Published Papers

Keisuke Ishibashi, Shigeaki Harada, and Ryoichi Kawahara
IEICE Transactions on Communications   vol.E102-B(no.4) 790-798   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Proactive Failure Detection Learning Generation Patterns of Large-scale Network Logs
Tatsuaki Kimura, Akio Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Toyono, and Keisuke Ishibashi
IEICE Transaction on Communications   vol.E102-B(no.2) 306-316   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Hierarchical Model Predictive Traffic Engineering
Tatsuya Otoshi, Yuichi Ohsita, Masayuki Murata, Yousuke Takahashi, Keisuke Ishibashi, Kohei Shiomoto, Tomoaki Hashimoto
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking   vol.26(issue 4) 1754-1767   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Reachability Analysis of Multi-hop D2D Communications at Disaster
Noriaki Kamiyama, Keisuke Ishibashi, and Yoko Hoshiai
IEICE Transactions on Communications   vol.E101-B(no.8) 1833-1844   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Workflow Extraction for Service Operation using Multiple Unstructured Trouble Tickets
Akio Watanabe, Keisuke Ishibashi, Tsuyoshi Toyono, Keishiro Watanabe, Tatsuaki Kimura, Yoichi Matsuo, Kohei Shiomoto, and Ryoichi Kawahara
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems   vol.E101-D(no.4) 1030-1041   Apr 2018   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Human-Assisted Online Anomaly Detection with Normal Outlier Retraining
Yasuhiro Ikeda, Keisuke Ishibashi, Yusuke Nakano, Keishiro Watanabe, Kengo Tajiri, and Ryoichi Kawahara
ACM SIGKDD 2018 Workshop on Outlier Detection De-constructed   Aug 2018   
Extendable NFV-Integrated Control Method Using Reinforcement Learning
Akito Suzuki, Masahiro. Kobayashi, Yousuke Takahashi, Shigeaki Harada, Keisuke Ishibashi and Ryoichi Kawahara
IEEE ICC 2018   May 2018   
Root-Cause Diagnosis for Rare Failures using Bayesian Network with Dynamic Modification
Yoichi Matsuo, Yusuke Nakano, Akio Watanabe, Keishiro Watanabe, Keisuke Ishibashi and Ryoichi Kawahara
IEEE ICC 2018   May 2018   
Framework for traffic engineering under uncertain traffic information
Tatsuya Otoshi, Yuichi Ohsita, Masayuki Murata, Yousuke Takahashi, Keisuke Ishibashi, Kohei Shiomoto and Tomonori Hashimoto
The 7th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC 2016)   Oct 2016   
Separating Predictable and Unpredictable Flows via Dynamic Flow Mining for Effective Traffic Engineering
Yousuke Takahashi, Keisuke Ishibashi, Masayuki Tsujino, Noriaki Kamiyama, Kohei Shiomoto, Tatsuya Otoshi, Yuichi Ohsita and Masayuki Murata
IEEE ICC 2016   May 2016   

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