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Graduate School of Public Health, Support Unit for Conducting Clinically Essential Studies, St.Luke’s International University Division of Environmental health Associate Professor
okyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) Department of Global Health Promotion Adjunct Lecturer
University of Yamanashi Faculty of Medicine Adjunct Lecturer
Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University Department of Public Health Adjunct Lecturer
Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine(Mar, 2012 Tottori University of Medicine)
Master of Medical science(Mar, 2005 Okayama University of Medicine)


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After studying allergy/immunology, cell physiology, cranial nerve physiology at Okayama University, Started a full-scale survey of health effects of Asian dust and air pollutants at the Graduate School of Medicine, Tottori University from 2008.
After working at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Yamanashi, I am currently an associate professor at the Graduate school of Public Health, St.Luke's International University, teaching public health and environmental health. The research of environmental epidemiology, the health effects of environmental issues, and preventive medicine (e.g. Masks) is consistently advanced.
Concerning the health effects of Asian dust (Atmospheric particulate matter) on humans, research is conducting on the field investigation of Asian dust sources, environmental measurement, and a multifaceted approach combining weather and medicine.
I am focusing on the phenomenon that the effect of the sky condition to the human health on the ground, and constructing the application and health prediction using the observation data.
The protective effect of masks and how to handle masks to protect yourself from air pollutants (PM2.5), infection disease, pollinosis, and house dust.
Besides, research on the psychological effects of the environment, diseases, parenting of children and pregnant women, and autism is conducting in conjunction with the environment.





Books and Other Publications

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    今井出版  Mar, 2014 



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