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The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
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Post-doctoral Fellow
Master of Arts(The University of Tokyo, Komaba), Ph. D.(The University of Tokyo, Komaba)
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Meisei UniversityWaseda UniversityMusashino UniversityChuo University
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ONISHI Yuki (born ITOH Yuki) has got her Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, Komaba, in the field of interdisciplinary cultural studies. With previous experiences in the field of comparative literature and translation studies, she was originally focusing on how opera libretti in verse were translated into non-accentual Japanese. In recent years, her research interest has expanded to include various forms of music theatre in the largest sense of the word, which emerged in Japan at the turn-of-the-century under the Western influence.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2019
Post-doctoral Fellow, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Komaba
Sep 2019
Lecturer, Musashino University
Sep 2019
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
Oct 2016
Sep 2019
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Komaba
Oct 2014
Sep 2016
Part-Time Lecturer, Department of English Language, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Komaba

Awards & Honors

Jun 2019
Japan Comparative Literature Association Prize, Japan Comparative Literature Association
Apr 2019
Encouragement Award of the Kawatake Award, Japanese Society for Theatre Research

Published Papers

Meter over Meaning: ISHIKURA Kosaburō’s “Rurō no Tami,” a Japanese Version of Schumann’s Song “Zigeunerleben”
Windows on Comparative Literature   (8-9) 1-14   Apr 2013
ITŌ Yuki
Hikaku Bungaku Kenkyu [Studies of Comparative Literature]   (96) 69-76   Jun 2011   [Refereed]
This paper focuses on three Japanese writers who had referred to a Belgium painter Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865) in their published or private writings around 1910: IWANO Hōmei (1873-1920), KOJIMA Kikuo (1887-1950), and SHIGA Naoya (1883-1971). It tr...


On Receiving the Japan Comparative Literature Association Prize
Bulletin of Japan Comparative Literature Association   (214) 33-34   Aug 2019   [Invited]
ITŌ Yuki
Hikaku Bungaku Kenkyu [Studies of Comparative Literature]   (96) 176-181   Jun 2011   [Invited]
ITÔ Yuki
Hikaku Bungaku Kenkyu [Studies of Comparative Literature]   (90) 142-146   May 2007   [Refereed][Invited]
ITOH, Yuki
Proceedings of Comparative Literature & Culture   (24) 18-19   Mar 2007   [Invited]

Books etc

大西 由紀
森話社   Jul 2018   ISBN:4864051313
キーワードで読む オペラ/音楽劇 研究ハンドブック
丸本隆ほか(編) (Part:Contributor, 「日本における翻訳上演」(pp. 378-382)、「能楽」(pp. 398-402))
アルテスパブリッシング   Apr 2017   ISBN:4865591583
浅草オペラ 舞台芸術と娯楽の近代
杉山千鶴・中野正昭(編) (Part:Joint Work, 第I章3「浅草の翻訳歌劇の歌詞--ベアトリツェがベアトリ姉ちゃんになるまで」)
森話社   Feb 2017   ISBN:4864051089
R・A・モース、赤坂憲雄(編) (Part:Joint Translation)
藤原書店   Nov 2012   ISBN:4894348829
梶野 絵奈、長木 誠司、ヘルマン・ゴチェフスキ(編) (Part:Joint Work, Part 3, Chapter 1. pp. 212-228.)
青弓社   May 2011   ISBN:4787273043

Conference Activities & Talks

ITOH, Yuki
2014 IFTR World Congress   1 Aug 2014   FIRT/IFTR International Federation for Theatre Research
Teller and Modes of Dramatic Narration: A Stylistic Analysis of Roei no Yume, the First Japanese Opera
ITOH, Yuki
PSi#18   29 Jun 2012   Performance Studies International (PSi)
As a part of the curated panel titled “Studies in Music Theatre in Japan,” this paper reads the libretto of “the first Western-style opera composed by a Japanese,” and suggests that its narrative follows the style of Kabuki rather than that of ope...
Understanding Opera through Analogies with Noh and Kabuki: Some Aspects of Opera Reception in Japan at the Beginning of the 20th Century
ITOH, Yuki
FIRT/IFTR Annual Conference Osaka 2011, Japan   11 Aug 2011   FIRT/IFTR International Federation for Theatre Research
A presentation as a part of the panel supported by Japanese Society for Theatre Research: “Japan and Music Theatre.” This study points out Wagner’s impact on opera reception in Japan around 1900 and sees how the Japanese came up with the idea of c...
ITOH, Yuki
8th Ohsawa Colloquium   4 Jun 2011   Department of Comparative Literature and Culture, the University of Tokyo, Komaba
Schumann’s song “Zigeunerleben” (Gypsy Life, 1840) is widely known in Japan as “Rurō no tami” (Nomadic People, 1903), with lyrics by ISHIKURA Kosaburō (1881-1965). This study compares Ishikura’s lyrics with its German source text by Emanuel Geibel...
ITOH, Yuki
4th Ohsawa Colloquium   26 May 2007   

Social Contribution

[Lecturer, Planner, Contribution]  The Organ Committee, The University of Tokyo, Komaba  (The University of Tokyo, Komaba)  21 Jul 2017