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SAKAI Yuki, AKAMATSU Yusuke, OGATA Erika, SAKATA Hideaki, ADACHI Nodoka, KASHIO Akinori, ITO Ken, KAGA Kimitaka, YAMASOBA Tatsuya
Auiology Japan   51(6) 633-640   Dec 2008
ISHIDA Rumi, ITO Ken, ENDO Asayo, YAMASOBA Tatsuya
Otology Japan   18(5) 665-669   Dec 2008
There have been few reports on Obliterative otosclerosis in Japan, in which the footplate is thickened, the oval window niche is filled-in in varying degrees. A drill-out procedure is usually required to perform a stapes surgery. Computed tomograp...
Equilibrium Research   67(4) 263-268   Aug 2008
The patch clamp technique enables the analyses of various ion channel characteristics of individual cells in vitro. The most important difference from previous techniques is that the microelectrode (pipette) is firmly attached to the cell surface ...
KAGA Kimitaka, SHINJO Yukiko, YAMASOBA Tatsuya, ITO Ken, AKAMATSU Yuske, UCHIYAMA Tsutomu, TOKUMITSU Hiroko
39(5) 335-345   Sep 2007
ADACHI Nodoka, ITO Ken, KAGA Kimitaka, MITANI Yoshimi
Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Japan   27(1) 46-50   Apr 2006
An eight-year-old girl with 18q-syndrome suffering bilateral conductive hearing loss was reported. At the age of 3 years, a delay in speech development was pointed out. On examination, bilateral external ear canal stenosis and moderate conductive ...