Kanako Honda

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Kanako Honda
Shiga University of Medical Science

Research Areas


Published Papers

Characteristics of 'Nurse-physician collaboration' as Perceived by Nurses at an Emergency Care Centre in Japan
Kanako Honda, Emiko Takamizawa
International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices   5 1-7   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Factors in fluencing intention to continue employment in Japanese hospital nurses working at tertiary emergency medical facilities
Kanako Honda、EmikoTakamizawa
Journal of Nursing Education and Practice   7(11) 44-50   2017   [Refereed]
Assesment of training for the patient suf-fered from intracerebral hemorrhage with feeding disorder or dysphagia at the tertiary critical emergency Facility.
Proceeding of the 6th Annual Meeting of the Society for Treatment of Coma   6 163-171   1997   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Characteristics of “nurse-physician collaboration” perceived by urses in an emergency care center at Japan
Kanako Honda Takamizawa Emiko
The 5th International Nursing Research Conference, Bangkok, Thailand   Oct 2017   
Relationships between Nurse Intention to remain Employed and Organizational Commitment in Tertiary Emergency Medical Facilities
Honda.K, Takamizawa.E, Matui.H,Oka.M, Nakanishi,K
The 3ed International Society of Caring and peace Conference,Kurume,March   Mar 2017   
An oral assessment guide for acute and subacute Japanese stroke patients
Daimon.H, Muramatsu.M, Arakawa.C,Honda.K,Mori.S,Okutu.A
Human Caring Conference Wuhan, China   Oct 2016