Masaaki Ishida

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Masaaki Ishida
Ryukoku University
Faculty of Agriculture,Department of Agri-Food System
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Ishida Masaaki
Journal of Rural Problems   24(4) 177-185217   1988
The principles of rice policy in Japan need to change into more liberalization under the changing world economlc situation. Under these circumstances, rice farms also need to challange lowering the cost of production by means of the large-scale fa...
ISHIDA Masaaki
Agricultural marketing journal of Japan   1(1) 45-53   Sep 1992
The household consumption for the table meats -beef, pork and chicken- has been decreasing in recent years. This decrease was caused by the increased demand for the processed meat products and the meat dishes at the restaurants, the hotels and so ...
ISHIDA Masaaki
Agricultural marketing journal of Japan   2(2) 29-38   Mar 1994
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the characteristics and methods of wholesale pricing for portion cuts, through the new estimates of cut-out value (estimated composite of boxed meat cut-out value) for beef and pork. A greater emphasis is pl...
The Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture,Mie University   (63) p1-113   Dec 1981