Natsuo Sato

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Natsuo Sato
Alternative names
Natsuo Sato
National Institute of Polar Research

Research Areas


Published Papers

Watanabe,M., Kadokura,A., Sato,N., and Saemundsson,T.,
Geophys. Res. Lett.   34, L15107, doi:10.-1029/2007GL030469   2007   [Refereed]
Neutral atom emission coming from the direction of the high-latitude magnetopause under northward IMF
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Izutsu,N., Iijima,I., Kawasaki,T., Matsuzaka,Y., Namiki,M., Ohta,S., Saito,Y., Toriumi,M., Yamagami,T., Ebihara,Y., Ejiri,M., Kadokura,A.., Sato,N., Yamagishi,H., Katayose,Y., Tomida,Y., Fujii,M., Kasahara,K., Murakami,H., Konno,Y., and Uchiyama,S.,
Advances in Space Research   37, 2043-2051   2006   [Refereed]
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Surveys of Geophysics   28, 22-109   2007   [Refereed]


Polar Patrol Baloons in 1992
Namiki, M., Y. Tonegawa, N. Sato, and PPB Working Group,
ISAS Report   32   1995
Sato, N., and H. Doi
Proc. 2009 International Conference on Space Science and Communication, 26-27 October 2009, Port Dickson, Malaysia,   1-4,   2011
Ionospheric signatures of distant tail reconnection observed just before substorm onsets, Substorms-4
ed. by S. Kokubun and Y. Kamide, Kluwer Academic Publishers,   719-722   1998
Interaction between ELF-VLF emissions and magnetic pulsations
Sato,N. and Kokubun,S.
Proc. Int. Works. Selec. Tops. Mag. Phys., Tokyo   March 1979, 116,   1979

Conference Activities & Talks

Generation region of pulsating aurora obtained simultaneously by the FAST satellite and a Syowa-Iceland conjugate pair of observatories (Invited Talk) [Invited]
Sato, N., Wright, D. M., Carlson, C. W., Ebihara, Y., Sato, M., Saemundsson, T., Milan, S. E., Lester, M.
Winkler Symposium, Univ. Minnesota, USA, 21-23 April   2004   
Conjugacy and non-conjugacy of auroral breakup observed by the Syowa-Iceland conjugate observatories (Invited Talk) [Invited]
Sato,N., and Saemundsson,T.
AGU Spring Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 17-21 May   2004   
SuperDARN HF Radar and Magnetometer Networks to Contribute Space Weather Studies (Invited Talk) [Invited]
GCCA5, Tsukuba, 15-16 Nov.   2004   
Conjugate Ionospheric Disturbances affected by the 23 November 2003 Solar Eclipse over Antarctica (Invited Talk) [Invited]
Sato, N.,Kadokura, A., Saemundsson,T, Shinkai,Y., Yukimatu,A.S., Ogawa,T., Fujii,R., Villain,J-P., Milan,S., Lester,M., and Hu,H.
The second International Symposium on Polar Sciences of China   2004   
Excellent conjugate auroral breakup event obtained by the Syowa-Iceland conjugate observatories on 26 September 2003 ( Invited Talk) [Invited]
Sato, N., Kadokura,A., Ebihara,Y., Nakano,K., Diguchi,H., Inui,E., and Saemundsson,T.
The second International Symposium on Polar Sciences of China   2004