Ayami JOH

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Ayami JOH
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
School of Human Cultures Department of Human Relations Studies
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Feb 2019
Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Research Initiatives, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Published Papers

Kei Kano, Mitsuru Kudo, Go Yoshizawa, Eri Mizumachi, Makiko Suga, Naonori Akiya, Kuniyoshi Ebina, Takayuki Goto, Masayuki Itoh, Ayami Joh, Haruhiko Maenami, Toshifumi Minamoto, Mikihiko Mori, Yoshitaka Morimura, TAMAKI Motoki, Akie Nakayama and Katsuya Takanashi
Journal of Science Communication   18(3) A02-1-A02-19   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
JOH Ayami, HIRAMOTO Takeshi
The Japanese journal of language in society   17(2) 40-55   Mar 2015   [Refereed]
In this article, we examine how gestural matching (Lerner, 2002)-the synchronized coincidence of timing, forms, and trajectory of two or more gestures between participants-can be achieved by the detailed, finely tuned coordination of participants ...
Ayami JOH, Mayumi BONO, Katsuya TAKANASHI
22(1) 69-83   Mar 2015   [Refereed]
JOH Ayami, HOSOMA Hiromichi
The Japanese journal of language in society   16(2) 32-49   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
The aim of this article is to investigate a practice for restoring the progressivity in storytelling when a storyteller is faced with trouble in delivering a story. In employing a conversation analytic approach, we analyze an instance of storytell...
Hiroaki Ogata,Kousuke Mouri,Mayumi Bono,Ayami Joh,Katsuya Takanashi,Akihiko Osaki,Hiromi Ochiai
Proceedings of the Workshops at the LAK 2014 Conference co-located with 4th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK 2014), Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, March 24-28, 2014.      2014   [Refereed]


HIRAMOTO Takeshi, JOH Ayami, TOE Tetsuri, MASUDA Masanobu, YOKOMORI Daisuke, NISHIZAKA Aug
The Japanese journal of language in society   17(1) 134-141   Sep 2014
JOH Ayami, FURUYAMA Nobuhiro, KATAOKA Kuniyoshi, TAKENAGA Tatsuki, MATSUMOTO Yo, MORI Naohisa
The Japanese journal of language in society   12(2) 55-58   Mar 2010

Books etc

Expanding Horizons of Conversation Analysis
Takeshi Hiramoto, Daisuke Yokomori, Masanobu Masuda, Tetsuri Toe and Ayami Joh (Part:Joint Editor)
Sep 2018   ISBN:978-4894768536
Gestural Matching in Multi-party Conversation: Conversation Analysis of Achieved Synchrony in Social Interaction
Ayami JOH
Feb 2018   ISBN:978-4894769069

Conference Activities & Talks

Capturing of continuous verbal interactions in the surgical team performance
Koji Tanaka, Kazue Nakajima, Daisuke Yoshioka, Shinichi Masuda, Eiji Aramaki, Ayami Joh, and Shin Nakajima
8th Resilient Health Care Network Meeting   26 Aug 2019   
Experiencing the bigness of a telescope primary mirror through embodied expressions and a huge exhibit in a science museum
Ayami JOH
16th International Pragmatics Conference   14 Jun 2019   
Managing the distribution of multiple resources and temporality while sightseeing: Proposing to take group photos while engaging in another sightseeing activity
Ayami JOH
5th International Conference of Conversation Analysis (ICCA2018)   14 Jul 2018   
Mayumi Bono, Rui Sakaida, Ryosaku Makino, Ayami Joh
11th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation   9 May 2018   
How care workers manipulate levels of gestural granularity in reporting talk: Analyzing care meetings at group homes for the elderly with dementia
Ayami JOH
the 15th International Pragmatics Conference   20 Jul 2017   
Ayami JOH
International Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA) 2017   12 Jul 2017   
Display of Not Knowing for Involving Peers: A Modest Proposal Practice in Group Activities in a Japanese Classroom
Masanobu MASUDA and Ayami JOH
5th International Conference of Conversation Analysis (ICCA2018)   12 Jul 2018   
Ayami JOH
Kyoto Univ iCeMS Learning Lounge #8   28 Jul 2016   Kyoto University iCeMS
Human interactions are organized by various resources, such as selections of expression, subtle motor actions, and articulations, so much more complicatedly than we imagine. In this talk I am discussing a part of my findings and the ongoing projec...
大崎章弘, 坊農真弓, 緒方広明, 高梨克也, 宮尾祐介, 牧野遼作, 城綾実, 本田ともみ, 森田由子
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム論文集(CD-ROM)   1 Sep 2015   
The Organization of Overlapping Talk in Care Conference at Group Home: Interactive Achievement of Social Situated Activity
Ayami JOH
14th International Pragmatics Conference   27 Jul 2015   
Ayami JOH
21 Mar 2015   Shonan meeting: Instruction and instructed action: Embodied reciprocity in interaction
This data session focuses on the practices of how science communicators’ (SCs) instructing visitors to see some materials in exhibition areas at a national science museum contributes to accomplish social actions. This museum exhibits various mater...
城綾実, 牧野遼作, 坊農真弓, 高梨克也, 佐藤真一, 宮尾祐介
言語処理学会年次大会発表論文集(Web)   18 Mar 2015   
人工知能学会全国大会論文集(CD-ROM)   30 May 2015   
Ayami JOH, Ryosaku MAKINO, Mayumi BONO, Katsuya TAKANASHI, Shin'ichi SATOH Yusuke MIYAO
15 Sep 2014   
Mayumi BONO, Hiroaki OGATA, Katsuya TAKANASHI, and Ayami JOH
HCI International 2014   27 Jun 2014   
In this paper, we try to contribute to the design of future technologies used in science museums where there is no explicit, pre-determined relationship regarding knowledge between Science Communicators (SCs) and visitors. We illustrate the practi...
Hiroaki Ogata, Kousuke Mouri, Mayumi Bono, Ayami Joh, Katsuya Takanashi, Akihiro Osaki, Hiromi Ochiai, Yuko Morita
Workshop Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2013   1 Jan 2013   
This paper describes how to use a ubiquitous learning log system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reusing Of Learning Log) in a museum, especially, in order to support science communicators (SC). Ubiquitous Learning Log (ULL) is defined as ...
JOH Ayami
Technical report of IEICE. HCS   11 Aug 2012   
SGM (Simultaneous gestural matching) is a collaborative phenomena which more than two parties produce the same gesture on the same time. Analyzing SGM are corresponded to the structure of storytelling, it reveals SGM are produced almost two timing...
The Interactional Function of Simultaneous Gestural Matching with Mimicry: Working as a Slot for a Pivotal Transition
Ayami JOH, Hiromichi HOSOMA
The 5th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies   24 Jul 2012   
Simultaneous gestural matching as interactive slot of verification their experience between participants
Ayami JOH, Hiromichi HOSOMA
10th Conference of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis   14 Jul 2011   
Simultaneous behavior by more than two participants such as voicing the same words
in the same way at the same time has attracted the interest of some researchers.
For instance, Lerner (2002) investigated the process of choral co-production and
Simultaneous Gestural Matching through Catchment Structure
Ayami JOH, Hiromichi HOSOMA
12th International Pragmatics Conference   7 Jul 2011   
JOH Ayami, HOSOMA Hiromichi
Technical report of IEICE. Thought and language   20 Nov 2010   
Analyzing gestures produced same shape at same time by more than one person (simultaneous gestural matching) shows simultaneous gestural matching is not accidental but achieved while predicting the timing and the content of gesture should come nex...
HOSOMA Hiromichi, NAKAMURA Yoshitaka, JOH Ayami, YOSHIMURA Masaki
Technical report of IEICE. HCS   20 Aug 2010   
In the periodical conferences of an elderly group home, the caregivers often express their knowledge and experience with their speech and gesture. In this presentation, we focus on "extended gesture" (Hosoma 2009) to describe the interaction among...
菊地浩平, 坊農真弓, 伝康晴, 細馬宏通, 城綾実, 東山英治, 天谷晴香
人工知能学会言語・音声理解と対話処理研究会資料   10 Sep 2013   
The structure of gesture as a resource for enhanced projectability furnishing an opportunity for gestural matching
Ayami JOH, Takeshi HIRAMOTO
4th Conference of the International Conference on Conversation Analysis   28 Jun 2014   
Ayami JOH
International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Conference 2013   6 Aug 2013   
Ayami JOH, Hiromichi HOSOMA
the 4th Conference of the International Studies Gesture Studies   29 Jul 2010   
Ayami JOH, Hiromichi HOSOMA
the 2010 International Conference on Conversation Analysis   7 Jul 2010   
Joh Ayami, Hosoma Hiromichi
Proceedings JSCP   31 May 2008