SUGIURA Junkichi

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SUGIURA Junkichi
Keio University
Faculty of Letters
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Apr 2015
Professor, Keio University
Apr 2013
Mar 2014
Keio University

Published Papers

The effects of debriefing on the performance and attitude of Japanese university students
Kikkawa, T., Sugiura, J., & Kriz, W.
Simulation Gaming Applications for Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructures. 48th International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference   173-180   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Using the “Stakeholders”simulation game to understand social problem: An application of a frame game to assess environmental and health conflict resolution.
Sugiura, J.
The Shift From teaching to learning: Individual, collective and organizational learning through gaming simulation   357-364   2014   [Refereed]
Games for health professionals to improve crisis communication skills: " THE GHOST MAP" and "The mystery of Wai-Wai nursing home
Kikkawa, T., Kato, F., Nakamura, M., Shigematsu, M., Sugiura, J., & Nagaoka, T.
In W.T. Bielecki, J. Grandziarowska-Ziolecka, A.M. Pikos,& M. Wardaszko (Eds.), Bonds and Bridges: Facing the Challenges of the Globalizing World with the Use of Simulation and Gaming.   252-262   2012   [Refereed]
Determinants of individual and collective pro-environemntal behavior: Compareing Germany and Japan.
Ando, K., Ohnuma, S., Bloebaum, Matthies, E., Sugiura, J.
Journal of Environmental Information Science   38(5) 21-32   2010   [Refereed]
Ohnuma, S., Hirose, Y. Karasawa, K., Yorifuji, K. & Sugiura, J.
Japanese Psychological Research   47(1) 1-11   2005
Hirose, Y. Sugiura, J., Shimomoto, K.
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management   6(1) 58-63   2004
Hiroshi Nonami, Junkichi Sugiura, Susumu Ohnuma, Hajime Yamakawa, Yukio Hirose
The Japanese Journal of Psychology   68(4) 264-271   1997


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Journal of the Color Science Association of Japan   18(1) 120-121   1994
Effects of Grasping-from Attitude on Brightness Contrast in Koffka-Ring Type Patterns
Psychologia   38(3) 192-198   1995
Effects of Width and Brightness of Dividing Line on Simultaneous Contrast in Koffka-Ring Type Patterns : Comparison between Method
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Developing a Simulation Game of Environment and Society as a New Curriculum for
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A Garbage Disposal Game for Understanding Social Dilemma of Monitoring and Sanction Systems in Garbage Problem
Studies in Simulation and Gaming   8(1) 51-56   1998
Using gaming-simulation in social psychological research
Studies in Simulation and Gaming   10(1) 66-69   2000

Conference Activities & Talks

Comparison between participants and non-participants in a citizen participation program in terms of procedural fairness and its relevant factors: A case study in Bavaria, “Citizens’ report for health
Abstract Book of 7th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology   2007   

Research Grants & Projects

Communication process design using simulation and gaming