Juha Saunavaara

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Juha Saunavaara
Hokkaido University
Job title
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(University of Oulu)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Docent/adjunct professor (does not involve employment), Japanese Studies, University of Turku
Oct 2016
Dec 2016
Visiting researcher (funded by the Academy of Finland), Hokkaido University Public Policy School
Sep 2015
Sep 2016
University lecturer, Department of History, University of Oulu
Sep 2012
Sep 2015
Academy of finland postdoctoral researcher, Department of History, University of Oulu
Jan 2010
Aug 2012
Lecturer, Department of History, University of Oulu
Jan 2006
Dec 2010
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of Oulu

Published Papers

Juha Saunavaara
International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies   14(1) 27-55   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Juha Saunavaara
Arctic Yearbook   2017 326-338   2017   [Refereed]
Juha Saunavaara
Journal of American-East Asian Relations   21(2)    2014   [Refereed]
Juha Saunavaara
Democratization   21(6)    2014   [Refereed]
Juha Saunavaara
Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies      2011   [Refereed]
Juha Saunavaara
The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus      2009   [Refereed]

Books etc

Suomi ja Japani: Kaukaiset mutta läheiset
Juha Saunavaara & Laura Ipatti (Part:Joint Editor)
Edita   Mar 2019   
Arctic Connect Project and cyber security control, ARCY
Martti Lehto, Aarne Hummelholm, Katsuyoshi Iida, Tadas Jakstas, Martti J. Kari, Hiroyuki Minami, Fujio Ohnishi and Juha Saunavaara (Part:Joint Work)
占領期日本におけるアメリカ政治介入の想定外効果ー政治パージ計画と戦後日本指導層の形成 In, アジア太平洋地域の政治・社会・国際関係:歴史的発展と今後の展望 (杉田 米行 編著)
Juha Saunavaara
明石書店 2018   2018   
The Role of the Frontier: the GHQ/SCAP Economic Policies and Hokkaido. In Thomas French ed., The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan: New Perspectives.
Juha Saunavaara
Routledge   2018   
Commercial utilization of the Northern Sea Route and regional development policy – Hokkaido as a case study. In Kari Alenius & Matti Enbuske (eds.), The Barents and the Baltic Sea Region. Contacts, Influences and Social Change. Studia Historica Septentrio
Juha Saunavaara
Pohjois-Suomen Historiallinen Yhdistys, Rovaniemi 2017. ISBN 978-952-9888-60-3. (386 s.)   Apr 2017   
"The Unforeseen Effects of the American Intervention – The Political Purge Program and the Making of Japan's Postwar Leadership” in Yoneyuki Sugita ed., Japan Viewed from Interdisciplinary Perspectives: History and Prospect
Juha Saunavaara (Part:Contributor)
Lanham, MD: Lexington Books   2015   
GHQ/SCAP to sengo no seiji saiken – senryō keikaku ya seisaku ni okeru nihon hoshushugitachi
Juha Saunavaara
Daigaku Kyōiku Shuppan   2015   
Nation-building. National Identity and the Wider World. Japan and Finland in Transition, 1945–1990
Juha Saunavaara (Part:Joint Editor)
Pohjois-Suomen historiallinen yhdistys   2010   

Conference Activities & Talks

Connecting the Arctic while installing submarine data cables between East Asia, North America and Europe?
Juha Saunavaara
University of Arctic Congress 2018   5 Sep 2018   
Submarine communications cables: A case study of Arctic decision-making and institutional development
Juha Saunavaara
Arctic Frontiers 2018   24 Jan 2018   
The Role of non-Arctic Regions in the Globalized Arctic
Juha Saunavaara
ISAR-5   18 Jan 2018   
Arctic Subsea Communications Cables and the Regional Development of Northern Peripheries
Juha Saunavaara
The 10th Polar Law Symposium   14 Nov 2017   
Can the Arctic offer a new platform or content for the cooperation between Japan and Finland?
Juha Saunavaara
ICASS IX   9 Jun 2017   
The Northern Sea Route, Trans-Arctic Fiber Cable and Hokkaido Regional Development
Juha Saunavaara
Slavic-Eurasia's Northern Tier: Finland, Russia, Japan, University of Helsinki   Mar 2017   
Hokkaido, Regional Economic Policy and the Occupation
Juha Saunavaara
The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan, Ritsumeikan University   Jun 2015   
The unforseen effects of the American intervention – The political purge program and the making of Japan's postwar leadership
Juha Saunavaara
Osaka University International Symposium: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Asia-Pacific Region: History and Prospect   Feb 2014