Kenetsu UEDA

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Kenetsu UEDA
Akita Prefectural University
Faculty of Bioresource SciencesDepartment of Agribusiness

Research Areas


Published Papers

上田 賢悦, 角田 毅, 中村 勝則, 藤井 吉隆
農業経済研究 = Journal of rural economics   90(1) 41-46   Jun 2018
藤井 吉隆, 上田 賢悦, 渡部 岳陽
農村経済研究 = Journal of rural society and economics   35(1) 75-83   Jul 2017
NAKAMURA Katsunori, FUJII Yoshitaka, UEDA Ken'etsu, SUMITA Tsuyoshi
Japanese Journal of Farm Management   55(2) 15-20   2017
Ueda Kenetsu, Kiyono Seiki
Journal of Rural Problems   52(2) 34-39   2016
This study identifies behavioral and psychological characteristics of JA personnel in charge of marketing vegetable and fruit products and examines the response measures for future human resource development. Characteristics of JA activities for m...


藤井 吉隆, 長濱 健一郎, 上田 賢悦
秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナルA(地域貢献部門) = Akita Prefectural University Web Journal A (Regional Contribution Activities)   (6) 71-78   Mar 2019
上田 賢悦, 渡部 岳陽, 藤井 吉隆
秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナルB(研究成果部門) = Akita prefectural University Web Journal B(Results of research)   5 193-201   Sep 2018
飯田 一朗, 草苅 良至, 橋浦 康一郎, 石井 雅樹, 斎藤 直樹, 吉田 康徳, 上田 賢悦
秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナルB(研究成果部門) = Akita prefectural University Web Journal B(Results of research)   5 108-112   Sep 2018
渡部 岳陽, 藤井 吉隆, 上田 賢悦, 朴 相賢
秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナルB(研究成果部門) = Akita prefectural University Web Journal B(Results of research)   4 175-180   Sep 2017
藤井 吉隆, 渡部 岳陽, 上田 賢悦
秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナル. A, 地域貢献部門 = Akita Prefectural University web journal. 秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナル編集委員会 編   4 46-54   Mar 2017

Conference Activities & Talks

Assessment of Japanese Chocolate Packages by Chinese Travelers Visiting Japan
Gu Meng,Yu Tong Yue,Kiyono Seiki,Ueda Kenetsu,Takiguchi Sayaka
The 3rd Asian Symposium on Sustainable Tourism for Development (AST4D 2019)   Mar 2019   
New Tools and Issues for Integrating Qualitative & Quantitative Methods:Assessing Agricultural Innvotion in Japan and Thailand
John S. Caldwell, Arunee Promkhambut, Kenetsu UEDA
4th Japan Society for Mixed Methods Research Conference 2018   Sep 2018   
Skill Acquisition of Extension Officers in Japan: Modified Grounded Theory Approch
Kenetsu UEDA, Seiki KIYONO, Masahiro YURIOKA
The 5th Conference on Management and Sustainability in Asia (COMSA 2018)   Aug 2018   
Factors Contributing to Growth and Development of Marketing Personnel and Human Resources at Japan Agricultural Cooperatives:PAC Analysis of Vegetable and Fruit Processing
Seiki KIYONO, Kenetsu UEDA, Ryoji ITO
May 2018   
Experiential Learning Process of Extension Officers: PAC Analysis Approach
Seiki KIYONO,Kenetsu UEDA
International Conference on Management and Social Science 2016   Aug 2016